Help Page

About database page: This page provides information about database significance and differential elements concept, data flow about database resources, Other translocation database information and we also are providing importance of our database when compared with existing database also.

Search and result page: This page provides search options with four key words. You can search against our database with Key words like Cancer type, Fusion gene, 5’ protein and 3’ protein. We also provided dropdown menu with list of Cancer types, Fusion genes, 5’ and 3’ protein names in search page for easy to access required data from our database. Please click here for User manual for search and result page.

Case study page: This page provides information about case studies on functional and regulatory elements of fusion genes impact on cancer progression. The significance of our database reported by these case studies.

Download page: This page provides all kinds of fusion gene related events information provided by database is available in downloadable files.

Glossary page: This page provides key definitions about cancer and chromosomal translocation related terms.

Reference page: This page provides references, which were used for our database development.